Advisory Community

Deliver enhanced value to your customers and connect with target audiences through education and validation

Advisory Community

Deliver enhanced value to your customers and connect with target audiences through education and validation

The Advisory Community can leverage Validation Institute for its independent approach to providing transparency in the market, and also:

  • Get qualified prospect leads for through Validation Institute’s products
  • Differentiate your preferred solution providers against their competitor claims
  • Educate advisor teams through CHVP on the best way to help customers control health care costs and improve employee outcomes



A product/solution has produced and replicated a lower cost for healthcare overall, or a specific component of healthcare. Validation Institute validates an actual net reduction of healthcare spend, including the cost of a provider.



A product/solution has measurably “moved the needle” on an outcome of importance, but one that can’t readily be translated into net savings. This validation is of a reduction of healthcare spend, but not necessary net savings including the cost of the provider.



A claim is made that, with sourced, overridable assumptions linked to peer-reviewed or government sources, the intervention in question would save money or improve outcomes.

Contractual Integrity

Contractual Integrity

Outcomes or savings haven’t yet been delivered, but a vendor is willing to put a part of their fees “at risk.” Validation Institute authenticates the vendor’s contract language for putting themselves at risk for outcomes, savings or both.

Connect with Companies That Want to Connect with You

Once Validated, you become a part of our community of proven solution providers. Our team is committed to matching you with companies seeking results-driven solutions.

Validated companies are listed on our website and promoted through our marketing services. Your validation report and any additional content you choose to include is made available to our employer community throughout the year.

Employers long for reliable information to help make their decisions. Validation Institute gives employers an unbiased review of your product and clearly differentiates them from vendors who may be fabricating results.

Five Easy Steps to Validation

  • Step 1

    Identify the claim you want Validated and why

  • Step 2

    Collect data to support your claim

  • Step 3

    Submit data for review to Validation Institute team

  • Step 4

    Undergo thorough review process

  • Step 5

    Achieve Validation!


“While we started our healthcare program in 1991, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the health and the lives of our associates, their families, and our local communities. Validation Institute and its Health Value Awards Program are an essential source of recognition and of validating new ideas for our program.”

Harris Rosen
Founder and CEO, Rosen Hotels and Resorts

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