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Is There a CURE for Employees’ Surprise Medical Bills?

57% of Americans have received a surprise medical bill in the last five years. For those who haven’t received one, it’s likely that their employer is picking up the tab (often times without even realizing it). Surprise medical bills stress employees out and could be inflating employer health care costs unnecessarily. It’s a lose-lose situation for everyone – except the provider.

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Validation: How Brands Are Standing Out in Healthcare

Healthcare costs have been skyrocketing for years. Employers want to provide comprehensive and affordable coverage for their employees, but don’t know how to tell which performance claims are true and which are smoke and mirrors.

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Strengthen Transparency and Explore Value-Based Arrangements to Lower Employer Health Care Costs and Improve Outcomes

In the U.S., consumers very rarely know in advance what they are paying for health care or if there are any alternatives. This is one of the major reasons why employer health care costs are on the rise today.

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Disrupting Traditional Health Insurance and Lowering Costs: An Innovative Strategy for Employers and Purchasers to Solve the Complexities of Today’s Health Care System

The health insurance marketplace is complex, expensive, and fragmented.  With Net Promoter Scores often in the negative, many people are unhappy with their health insurance and find accessing care and navigating their insurance company difficult.

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Fertility Care: The New Employer Opportunity to Build an Inclusive, Innovative, Cost-Effective Benefit

While employers and brokers continue to develop health benefit offerings that are positioned to improve health outcomes and lower benefit costs, the needs of today’s workforce also require a focus on gender equality and diversity.

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Cutting Through Chaos: Employers Taking Control of Benefits and Health Care Data

All employers struggle with managing benefits data. These challenges impose costs on HR organizations, and limit the ability of HR and benefits leaders to execute their plans.

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Navigating the Burnout and Mental Health Crisis: Actionable Strategies for Employers

To have a workforce that achieves its full potential, is productive, and healthy, employers must have a good understanding of mental health and a plan for how to care for it in their workplace. The prioritization of mental health is vital, and many potential negative impacts could arise if it remains ignored including stress, anxiety, burnout, absenteeism, and more.

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A Guide to Self-Funding: How to Evaluate a Spectrum of Choices to Manage Risk, Cost, and Care Outcomes

There are a range of choices – analogous to a spectrum of light – associated with the products and services that can be offered within a self-funded plan. The flexibility and value of self-funded plans is your ability to have choice“

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How Employers Can Reduce Costs on Musculoskeletal Disorders While Improving the Quality of Life and Well-Being of their Employees

December 17, 2020 • 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET

Pain and disability due to musculoskeletal injuries have increased over the past four decades, placing a heavy impact not only on the cost of our health care but also on the quality of life, mobility, productivity, and lost workdays of our employees.

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Virtual Care Solutions for Payers to Support Members with Chronic and Behavioral Health Conditions

Health plans have moved quickly to implement and scale telehealth offerings. There is a growing awareness that additional virtual care solutions are needed to support members with chronic and behavioral health conditions in between telehealth visits.

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