Adopt a Customer-Centric Strategy to Optimize the Member Experience, Improve Star Ratings, and Close Care Gaps

With consumer-experience related metrics now determining more the 57% of overall Star ratings by 2023, it is important for MA plans to not only focus on quality and closing HEDIS care gaps but to also prioritize member experience and engagement. Moreover, the pandemic has underscored the need for plans to strengthen their outreach efforts and reengage their members to ensure they receive timely access to care.

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To positively impact an individual’s health, influence healthy behaviors, and make personalized health care decisions, it is critical for plans to access and analyze the right data at the right time. This will not only enhance the members’ experience throughout out their health care journey but also ultimately drive better outcomes.

In this webinar, join Medicare Advantage experts and gain insight on how to take a holistic approach when engaging members, discuss the importance of analyzing data in real-time to tailor interventions, and learn how to transform your Stars program to create a customer-centric experience beginning at onboarding.