Affordable, Impactful, Inclusive Benefits to Meet the Needs of a Diverse Workforce

April 4 | 1-2:00 PM ET

Currently, employers are showing great interest in family-forming benefits. This new trend is occurring because of multiple social trends including those addressing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), the pandemic, and generational changes.

Employees now expect benefits that meet their personal life needs and goals. Employers are finding that family-forming benefits do not add significant cost but do bring substantial ROI and VOI both to individuals affected by infertility and to company culture and goals.

This interactive panel will discuss the following issues and solutions regarding family forming benefits:

  • What is infertility?
    • How common is it and what are the consequences of infertility?
    • Who is affected?
    • What is the impact at work for those facing family-forming challenges?
  • What is important to employers that family-forming benefits address?
  • How can employers be expected to add in fertility benefits (assuming they don’t already have them) when there is so much pressure on keeping the “core” benefits as affordable as possible?
  • How can advisors, consultants and employers learn what innovative solutions are currently available, and what can they do to implement them?

Presented By

David Adamson, MD
CEO of ARC Fertility

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ARC® Fertility is a mission-driven company focused on increasing access to quality fertility care by providing inclusive and comprehensive family-forming benefits. Since 1997, ARC has helped tens of thousands of people start their families through its highly vetted national provider network that delivers 25% of all US in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles.

ARC Fertility provides cost-effective, evidence-based treatment packages along with a robust digital platform and mobile app.  This is integrated with personal Care Navigator service to deliver compassionate emotional support throughout every family-forming journey.

ARC Fertility is different: the company was founded by a reproductive endocrinologist with decades of clinical, business, and leadership experience. The innovative benefit’s flexibility meets each employer’s unique benefit plan and affordability needs. ARC brings significant savings and ROI by reducing costs through discounts, care management, avoiding waste and overutilization, reduced maternity/NICU costs, and validated superior outcomes.