Choosing the Right Digital MSK Solution for Your Workforce

Greater than 50% of adults will have a musculoskeletal (MSK) issue each year. MSK issues are the top cost driver for employment and medical costs, more than cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. COVID-19 has disrupted where and how employees work, accelerating consumers’ demand for virtual health care and digital solutions. Likewise, employers are recognizing that adding effective digital solutions to their health care ecosystem is not simply a nice-to-have but a competitive advantage.

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While digital MSK solutions offer employers the opportunity to innovate their wellness strategy and better control costs, figuring out the best fit for your organization can be somewhat daunting. Solutions vary in approach, capabilities, member experience, and financial ROI. Join the conversation to gain a deeper understanding of key considerations and real-world case studies to help you select the best digital MSK solution for your employees and organization.