Precision Health: How Microbiome Science, AI, and Virtual Care Create Unprecedented Personalization in the Control of Chronic Disease

March 22 | 1-2:00 PM ET

The webinar will provide insights on how precision health is already a reality for conditions like diabetes, pre-diabetes, and clinical obesity.
  • Learn how the benefits of this model, matched to individual biology and lifestyle, boost
    not only engagement and satisfaction, but also clinical outcomes and compliance.
  • Hear why this approach is not a diet. It’s a personalized nutrition program, meaning members
    can continue to eat the foods they know and love, inclusive of cultural heritage.
  • Learn why a smarter, personalized approach means smaller, easier changes. That’s why
    people stick with the program and achieve meaningful results.

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Nick Altebrando
Chief Product Officer

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DayTwo is committed to creating individualized solutions for the epidemic of chronic conditions, starting with diabetes, prediabetes, and clinical obesity. It is the only company that can predict blood sugar response to any foods before people even take a bite. DayTwo’s precision health solution uses gut microbiome profiling, artificial intelligence, and virtual care to deliver food recommendations matched to individual biology. Backed by 10 years of science and the world’s largest microbiome discovery platform, the DayTwo program sets a new national benchmark in proactive, personalized care. Join CEO David Henderson to learn more about how DayTwo’s clinical discoveries and IP will revolutionize the chronic disease space for years to come.