Numbers Don’t Lie: Practical Steps for Employers to Lower their Specialty Drug Spend by 39% or More

It is no surprise that employers are constantly challenged with the arduous task of managing specialty drug spend.

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With pharmacy costs on the rise, it is time for benefits purchasers to act now and implement specialty drug management programs that focus on member/employee well-being and drive improvements in health outcomes.

By moving away from traditional PBM models, carving out specialty drugs, and utilizing data to identify medication that has an impact on the patient, several employers have seen significant reduction in their specialty pharmacy spend. Attend this webinar to understand simple, effective, and actionable steps you can adopt in your respective organizations to attain similar or greater savings. Join us for this informative webinar and unlock the practical strategies needed to drive substantial savings in specialty drug spend while prioritizing the health and well-being of your employees.

  • Discuss evidence- and outcomes-based approaches to solve the specialty drug spend problem
  • It starts with the patient: Understand the importance of asking critical questions when choosing a drug including:
    • Is this the right drug?
    • Is it at a fair price?
    • Is it working?
  • Leverage clinical and financial data to assess medication responsiveness, eliminate waste, and curb unnecessary spend
  • Gain insight into effectively using biosimilars to increase savings
    • Navigate roadblocks and challenges to biosimilar adoption
  • Review employer case studies and learn how organizations demonstrate savings by adopting transparent, value-driven specialty pharmacy solutions