Feeling Forever on High Alert: Keeping the Peace in a Polarized Workforce

October 20 | 1:00 - 2:00 pm ET

Another tweet. Another headline. Every day, your employees are bombarded with crisis-level bad news—and it’s taking a toll. Tension and discord can plague your population’s productivity, health, collaboration, and cohesion.

What can (should) leaders, managers, HR executives do to create a culture of positivity, build trust, and empower employees within and outside the workplace?

In this webinar, gain insights into how you can prevent this negative ripple effect in your workplace.

  • Discuss data insights from HR leaders and real-world, geographically dispersed workforces
  • Explore proven strategies available in many benefits ecosystems to manage a workforce at odds
  • Identify resources to get ahead of the next crisis and support the whole health of your population

Presented By

Amy Marlow
Head of Global Well-Being
Sheryl Simmons
3flights HR
Zev Suissa
Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer
Wondr Health

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