New Provider Insights on Using Data to Drive Healthy Behaviors and Improve Outcomes

Empowering patients and providers with digital solutions that inspire proactive behavior change is part of the reimagined future of health care. This is a top priority for many of today’s health systems, coupled with the shift from providing episodic to continuous care to both their rural and urban populations.

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Engaging patients between visits using digital tools has proven to add value for both patients and clinicians while also challenging traditional workflows. Now, we have a significant opportunity to leverage experiences from COVID-19 to invest in solutions that work together to drive healthy behaviors for patients, provide insights, and boost health outcomes.

Join Dr. Kapil Parakh, Medical Lead, Fitbit at Google and a practicing cardiologist, along with Debbie Welle-Powell, Chief Population Health Officer at Essentia Health, as they discuss the evolution of Essentia Health’s innovation journey and Google’s vision for health care transformation.