The Burden of Weight Bias: Addressing the Blame Game to Effectively Tackle Obesity

Obesity is on the rise and with that comes weight bias or increased negative attitudes, stereotypes, and discrimination around weight.

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Weight bias undermines healthy behaviors and preventive care—causing disordered eating, decreased physical activity, health-care avoidance, and increased health-care costs. In this webinar, you will hear from leading industry experts on weight about the damaging impact weight bias has on our ability to effectively address the obesity epidemic and strategies to navigate the complexities of obesity and the weight-loss medication movement.

This webinar will address:

  • Weight bias and its impact on the physical, mental, social, and financial health of your population
  • The negative implications weight bias has on the treatment of obesity
  • How to advocate against weight bias within your organization to improve your population’s health
  • The link between weight bias and the weight-loss medication movement and how to support your population who are taking these medications