Transforming Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Treatment to Benefit Employer-sponsored Health Plan Members and Employers

According to a national survey in 2021, substance use among Americans has increased 30% overall since the start of the pandemic landing the impact and cost squarely on employers [1].

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In addition to the human toll on valued associates and their loved ones, job absenteeism, replacement, and training costs in a tight job market have created an inflection point – especially for our country’s largest employers – for how we treat substance use disorders going forward.

Participate in an illuminating discussion on how the treatment of substance use disorders is being reimagined for the benefit of employees and the overall health of the organizations tasked with their wellbeing.

  • Learn how substance use disorders can greatly impact employers and their employees
  • Help remove the stigma around substance use disorder within your own organization
  • Gain insight into how stakeholders are changing treatment by meeting the member where they are through either in-person, virtual, or at home care and allowing them to continue with their work and family responsibilities
  • Offer a new program that embraces diversity and includes a more confidential model, making it easier and more welcoming for those willing to take the first step towards treatment and recovery
  • Understand the financial impact that SUDs have on your bottom line