How Employers can Benefit from Expanding Access to MSK Care

  By Dr. Chris Cato, DC Chief Population Health Officer Airrosti Chronic muscle and joint pain is one of the leading causes of lost workdays, lost productivity, and absenteeism in the workplace.  Musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders lead the charge in healthcare expenses costing employers over $213 billion dollars every year in treatment costs and lost wages. […]

5 Ways Benefits Buyers Win with Health Value Professional Training

  By Aimee O’Brien Chief Marketing Officer Validation Institute As we began rolling out Validation Institute’s Certified Health Value Professional (CHVP) health benefits training program across the country in late 2019, it became crystal clear that there is a gap in expected health outcomes and healthcare spending, and health value measurement training is a necessary […]

Three Ways to Keep Specialty Drug Costs Under Control

  By Zack Robinson, MBA Managing Partner DisclosedRx With pharmacy spend edging up over 25-30% of healthcare costs, and specialty drugs expected to rise another 11.5% during 2021, employers need solutions to contain the main cost driver behind their pharmacy spend: Specialty Drugs. Specialty drugs are high-cost drugs that usually require special handling and often […]

Validation Institute Independently Validates Hinge Health as the First Digital MSK Solution Proven to Reduce Medical Claims by $2,244 per participant

Woburn, MA (July 1, 2021) – Validation Institute an independent, objective third-party organization that advocates for greater transparency for healthcare buyers and high-value healthcare is pleased to announce that after an extensive review of a control-matched study based on 3 years of self-funded employer client medical claims data from 2017-2019, Hinge Health reduced MSK medical claims […]

Take Control of Health Care Benefits

By Jim Walleshauser President Nova Healthcare Administrators   The Kaiser Family Foundation and PBGH recently conducted a survey of more than 300 large employers about their views around the cost of health care. Overall, the results are not surprising with most employers agreeing that the cost of providing health benefits is unsustainable. Most notably, 87% […]

Validation Institute and ASE Partner to Bring Certified Value Health Professional Designation to Members

Woburn, MA (June 3, 2021) – ASE has partnered with Validation Institute to offer the recently-launched Certified Health Value Professional (CHVP) credential, a certification for healthcare benefits practitioners and benefit advisors to demonstrate expertise in health care purchasing. The certification requires professionals to complete training modules that educate them on how to identify and monitor high-value, […]

Fertility Benefits: What Employers Need to do to Attract Diverse, Top Talent

In an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing market, many businesses are struggling with employee recruitment and retention. Perks such as flexible work environments, on-site cafeterias, or team building activities were important pre-pandemic, but as the work environment has shifted to a remote model, employee priorities are changing. In-office perks and activities lost much of their […]

The Three Stages of the Health and Wellness Journey

By Dr. Jonathan Rubens Chief Medical Officer ActiveHealth   Well-being isn’t a destination. It’s a journey with ups and downs. We’ve all experienced different peaks and valleys in our personal journey: feeling energized for a few months, hitting a lull and hopefully regaining momentum. It’s a natural pattern that impacts how most of us engage […]

MedEncentive and Validation Institute partner to guarantee lower healthcare costs

Woburn, MA. and Oklahoma City – May 25, 2021 – Validation Institute, an organization formed to certify claims made by population health and cost-containment vendors, and MedEncentive, a digital health-improvement and cost-containment service, today announced an unprecedented partnership to guarantee overall cost savings to health insurance customers, such as self-insured employers and government-sponsored health plans. […]

Validation Institute Verifies Health Performance Claims Of 14 Vendor Programs through Objective, Third-Party Process

Woburn, MA. – (April 15, 2021) – Validation Institute (VI), an independent, objective, 3rd party organization focused on changing health care, is pleased to announce 14 programs have successfully completed validation during the first quarter of 2021.    Each program validated by Validation Institute is backed by an up to $25,000 financial credibility guarantee to employers […]

3 Tips From a Surgeon on How To Help Control Your Healthcare Costs

Is health insurance the only option to pay for care? Can a good health plan include paying directly for services? Healthcare costs are too high. Every year we face rising premiums, as our coverage options become more limited. Having good insurance no longer protects you from significant out of pocket expenses, in the form of […]

3 Key Accelerants to Value-Based Care in Maternity, Women’s Health

The OB episode is taking center stage as a proving ground for value-based delivery. But despite the obvious potential for improving OB outcomes through value-based models, the transition has proven to be extremely difficult, in part because of a lack of care continuity, challenges with payment reform and poor access. There are other considerations and […]