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Company Makes Substantial Donation to the Jefferson School of Population Health

ROSEVILLE, Calif., November 24, 2014 – Care Innovations™, an Intel-GE company, today announced the formation of an Advisory Board to help guide the CI Validation Institute. 11 experts associated with the Jefferson School of Population Health, Health Intelligence Network, Humana, University of California Santa Barbara, Edington Associates, Edj Analytics, Population Health Alliance, Health 2.0, and Deloitte Consulting, make up the new Advisory Board. The Validation Institute was launched in June and aims to improve standards for measuring and promoting the benefits of population health and remote care management solutions and services.

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Company Appoints Executive Director to Develop and Manage the Institute

ROSEVILLE, Calif., October 23, 2014 – Care Innovations™, an Intel-GE company, today appointed Karissa Price-Rico, Ph.D., as executive director of the CI Validation Institute, which was launched in June and has already garnered national recognition as a much needed service and innovative contribution to the field. As executive director, Price-Rico is charged with further developing the Institute and managing its operations.

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July 1, 2014: Objective: To determine the relationship between return on investment (ROI) and quality of study methodology in workplace health promotion programs. Data Source: Data were obtained through a systematic literature search of National Health Service Economic Evaluation Database (NHS EED), Database of Abstracts of Reviews...