Finding the Value in Value Based Care: The Path to Validation

By Jeremy VanderKnyff
EVP of Data Science, Value and Validation

Receiving the Validation Institute’s performance seal of approval is a surefire way to stand out in the ever-crowded healthcare marketplace. As a trusted independent source, the Validation Institute adds credibility to your marketing claims and underscores your organization’s commitment to data-driven results. While a seemingly daunting process, validation is attainable with the right plan in place.

Proactive MD, a leader in the Advanced Primary Care health space, is the first and only employer-sponsored primary care organization to be validated by the Validation Institute for demonstrated cost savings. Keep reading to learn about Proactive MD’s top six takeaways for organizations keen on receiving validation.

Have a model that works
Akin to double-checking if your device is plugged in, evaluating your model should be the first step you take on the path to validation. As the foundation for everything that follows, a well-thought-out model is crucial to ensuring you can achieve your desired end goal. Some questions to pose to your current model include:
1.Are there any logical gaps or holes in our model?
2.Is each component part of our model measurable?

Become a trusted advisor to client and patient
Undoubtedly, your new and improved model will rely heavily on user buy-in. After all, the best model in the world is useless without individuals and organizations willing to utilize it. To that end, aim to build relationships with both your clients and patients based on trust and open communication. Consider your current client communications: Are you clearly defining your desired goals for them? Have you sought to understand your client’s unique needs? In what ways have you positioned yourself as an advisor to both your client and patients?

Once you’ve completed a thorough audit of your communication pathways, you should be well on your way to becoming a trusted advisor to both your clients and patients. This important back-end work will maximize the overall effectiveness of your model and help achieve both individual and organizational goals.

Commit to integrity and transparency
As the keyholder to your organization’s data, it can be awfully tempting to manipulate data to tell a specific story. Don’t do it! If you’re seeking validation and credibility, it’s incredibly important to ground your data practices in integrity and transparency.  If the data is telling a story you don’t like, consider re-evaluating your model rather than rewriting the narrative.

Play the devil’s advocate
After you commit to data practices grounded in integrity and transparency, you’re free to approach your data with a more critical eye. Don’t be afraid to poke holes in your data! In fact, make it a point to designate a member of your team as the data aggressor or contrarian and task them with playing the devil’s advocate. Be thorough in your data interrogation; pull in other departments, outside consultants, and independent parties to help impartially evaluate your data.

Advertise your success
Achieving the Validation Institute seal of approval is an amazing accomplishment that should be celebrated, so don’t be afraid to advertise your success–carefully and appropriately. Though tempting, do your best to avoid applying your validated results in a blanketed, generalized manner moving forward. Respect the validation badge and remember to lead with integrity and transparency in your branding and sales efforts.

Don’t compromise your model. Ever.
You put the effort in and achieved validation, but the work is far from over. Moving forward, pledge to uphold the high standard you set for your organization. Resist the urge to compromise on your model and instead, let it be your North Star. Your model got you this far and will continue to guide you in your future endeavors.
Using the above principles, the path to validation is achievable. If you have any questions about the validation process, be sure to reach out to the Validation Institute. For more details on Proactive MD’s validation process, check out Proactive MD’s independently validated report on cost savings here.