How to Tell If Your Vendor’s Claims Are Valid: A Nine Part Series

The last ten years have witnessed an explosion of vendors “showing savings” that don’t exist…and yet are readily accepted by buyers and their advisors. The mission of the Validation Institute (VI) is to reverse that trend, to eventually eliminate the gap between reported outcomes and actual outcomes.

VI’s validations highlight organizations committed to measurement of actual outcomes. VI’s courses in Critical Outcomes Report Analysis (CORA and the advanced version, CORA Pro) teach buyers, advisors and even vendors how to determine whether outcomes are legitimate or fabricated.

This series is part of CORA, but we’re making it available gratis in order to draw attention to this ever-widening gap between reported and actual outcomes. Our purpose is not wholly altruistic. Reading the full series will encourage more buyers to insist on VI validation and more people to take the CORA and CORA Pro courses. Further, you can retain VI for writing/evaluating RFPs, measuring outcomes, and even forensic litigation consulting.