The Texas Medical Management, Spotlight on A Validated Program

The Texas Medical Management (TMM) team is excited to have its patient outcome measurement validated, further demonstrating the positive impact our program has on our patients’ lives. TMM surgeons and facilities are peer selected based on their excellent reputation in the surgical community. With a mission of providing excellent patient outcomes at fair and transparent prices, TMM is committed to providing patients value-based surgical care.
Founded in 2016, TMM has grown rapidly over the past four years and began measuring patient outcomes in 2018. In 2020 TMM invested in the development of a team of data analysts who specialize in outcomes measurement.  The Outcomes Measurement Team’s work product provides valuable insights that are shared with our surgeons. Our team prides itself in collecting patient outcomes that inform surgeons and patients with clear, actionable, and useful information. Our Chief Medical Officer, Rick Schultz, MD, shares that “TMM’s current secret sauce is that we hire good doctors based on old school, community information and then do everything we can to make it easy for them to care for their patients. With clear data, we will strive to improve the sauce by allowing/requiring doctors to communicate and agree on the postoperative expectations for the procedure proposed preoperatively.”
In a health care system where doctor’s visits and achieving one’s version of normal often feel disjointed, TMM’s goal is to clear the way and facilitate an improved provider-patient relationship. We respect physicians’ training and set the stage for streamlined communication so that the patient gets the care and conversation they need, and pays one bill for their surgical condition from beginning to end.
Because patient outcomes are important to us, we have designed simple surveys that connect with patients at key points, both prior to any contact with our surgeons, and then after they have received their care.  During their recovery, we encourage patients to proactively communicate with their surgeon about any concerns or issues they might be having, allowing patients more direct communication with their surgeon and, as needed, more immediate help. These survey questions are based on patient outcome sets validated for many types of surgical operations and are formatted based on principles of simplicity proposed by global thought leaders in health care. In total, our survey is under 10 min and, on average, takes patients about 5 min to complete. With a response rate of 83.5%, we find that patients are engaged in communication because it is about what matters– their health.
Dr. Schultz says, “I am excited that we are striving to have something useful for our doctors, patients and business customers – a very difficult task that has not been done successfully elsewhere to my knowledge.”

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