Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide

Employer's Guide to Drug Spend Management

Employer’s Guide to Drug Spend Management: Must-Know Strategies to Lower Prescription Drug Costs

Key Considerations to Identify and Work with Transparent, High-Quality, Cost-Effective PBMs

“Manufacturer rebates to PBMs increased nearly 225% ($50B) in four years, and are often used to steer patients to more expensive and less effective drugs.”

Source: Pew Charitable Trust, 2019

How can employers and benefit purchasers avoid this? Learn more in this buyer’s guide.

  • A value-driven, transparent partnership with PBMs, benefits consultants, and TPAs
  • A thorough reporting process to comply with the CAA and help meet fiduciary obligations
  • A clean, simple, and concise employer-PBM agreement that meets fiduciary standards
  • A partnership with a PBM that does not use “spread pricing,” passes rebates to employers, charges one administrative fee, guarantees savings, and has robust reporting capabilities.

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