If you really want to stand out and increase your leadership profile, our Certified Health Value Professional (CHVP) and Certified Outcomes Report Analysis (CORA) programs will help give you the edge over others in your field.


  • Discern high-value, high impact programs from hype
  • Bring your employer or client truly effective programs
  • Know what to look for in valid, measurable results

Certification Programs


Certified Health Value Professional (CHVP)

Created and presented by leading industry subject matter experts and in-field practitioners, this self-paced, online course provides specialized training on 14 critical topics related to healthcare outcomes and costs.

After this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify and monitor high-value, high-impact programs and sharing best practices
  • Be confident vendor performance reports and claims are accurate
  • Determine whether a program can improve quality and costs
  • Deliver effective programs your employees will value and appreciate
  • Facilitate improved health for your employees and significant savings for your company

CHVP currently covers 14 health benefits-related training modules:

Module 1: Establishing Worksite Primary Care and Steerage Arrangements

Module 2: Identifying and Monitoring High Performance Health Care Services

Module 3: Utilizing Effective Population Health Management Techniques

Module 4: Developing Health Care Direct Contracting

Module 5: Utilizing Effective Health Benefits Analytics

Module 6: Managing Reference-based Pricing

Module 7: Managing Bundled Pricing

Module 8: Maximize Performance & Managing Risk with Self-funded Health Plans

Module 9: Bulletproofing Your Summary Plan Design and Documentation

Module 10: Managing Captive Insurance Arrangements

Module 11: Finding and Monitoring the Right Stop Loss Coverage

Module 12: Optimizing Drug Spend

Module 13: Using Claims Review To Capture Immediate Savings

Module 14: Certified Outcomes Report Analysis (CORA)

Certification requires candidates to pass a minimum of 10 modules that take an average of 90 minutes each to complete (including the final quiz).

Candidates typically are advisors or those responsible for purchasing healthcare benefits. They may work in the financial, benefits, or human resources areas of the corporation and may include the CFO, Controller, Benefits Executive, HR Director, or HR Manager.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to get more information on CHVP or download our CHVP Program Sheet. Still have questions? Contact us.

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CORA Certified Outcomes Report Analysis (CORA)

This self-paced, four-module course focuses on connecting programs to beneficial and measurable results, such as better health status and less need for medical care.

Module 1: Focuses on defining basic terms like population, intervention and outcome
Module 2: Focuses on all things data including data design
Module 3: Focuses on how data is composed into valid measures
Module 4: Using real-world examples, apply your new learnings and skills

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