If you really want to stand out and increase your leadership profile, our Certified Outcomes Report Analysis (CORA) and Certified Outcomes Report Analysis Pro (CORA Pro) programs will help give you the edge from others in your field.


  • Discern high-value, high impact programs from hype
  • Bring your employer or client truly effective programs
  • Know what to look for in valid, measurable results

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CORA Certified Outcomes Report Analysis (CORA)

This self-paced, four hour course consists of four modules with a focus on connecting programs to beneficial and measurable results, such as better health status and less need for medical care.

Module 1: Focuses on defining basic terms like population, intervention and outcome
Module 2: Focuses on all things data including data design
Module 3: Focuses on how data is composed into valid measures
Module 4: Using real world examples, apply your new learnings and skills

The course awards four continuing education credit hours for health insurance brokers; credits for HRCI certification are also available.

Certified Outcomes Report Analysis Pro (CORA Pro)

With this certification you will confer analytical skills and status far beyond the reach of other in the industry.

You will:

  • Apply what you learned in the CORA certification course to real-world, published, studies
  • These are studies that “others in the industry” find acceptable (three have even won “Koop Awards” as the best wellness programs of their respective years)
  • You will be able to “challenge the data” and invalidate these “studies” on their faces, by showing that even if one accepts the raw data as provided (meaning not “challenging” it), the alleged savings or other positive outcome can’t possibly have been achieved.

The curriculum consists of five studies. You can do up to three as practice that can be submitted for informal reviews and two for formal review.

Prerequisite: CORA certification and a general knowledge of expectable claims costs and utilization rates.