Q: What is the cost of the CHVP course? Does it require a membership?

$1195 – though we are offering a $300 discount through 06/30/2019, making the program $895 for a limited time. A membership is not required to purchase/access the CHVP program.


Q: What’s the cost for independent consultants?

$1195 – the program is the same price for all students. Though, we are offering a $300 discount through 06/30/2019, making the program $895 for a limited time.



Q: Is the CHVP course applicable for Advisors/Consultants as well?

Absolutely! Great opportunity to be in the same shoes as your clients (both have the CHVP designation).


Q: If my company is fully insured will this still be a worthwhile endeavor?

Definitely! This program will give you a comprehensive understanding for the major areas of the “health value” spectrum. It will help you check for areas that you have not been able to gain education.


Q: Is the CHVP course mostly for self-funded accounts?

The program is helpful to anyone who purchases healthcare benefits. It’s also a fantastic career advantage!


Q: Are you planning to develop a module focused on health engagement or do you see that as part of a population health strategy?

Health engagement will be covered in the population health module.


Q: Do you discuss pharmacy tourism in one of your modules?

This has been suggested for additional content, and we are discussing it now.


Q: Will current content include information on shared health plans?




Q: Who are the course content creators and what are their academic credentials?

Our faculty is comprised of leading industry subject matter experts who are distinguished or have been recognized within their field.


Credits and Recertification

Q: Are Life/Health Continuing Education credits available with this program?

In May 2019, the Validation Institute will be applying for SHRM and HRCI Certification so that learning can be applied.


Q: Will there be continuing education? What does recertification require?

We require 10 hours of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) within 24 months of your initial certification. All of these credits can be obtained at no cost through participation in health value education offerings through the Validation Institute (and other organizations).

In late 2019, Validation Institute will be launching a membership option for professionals that would like to gain access to a slew of educational offerings, tools, checklists, RFP templates, etc. The cost of this membership will be minimal and designed to sustain the constant flow and delivery of valuable resources to members.



Q: Can you refer back to the modules/documentation after the program is complete?

Yes, you have full access for 12 months.


Q: Are there any plans for additional modules? If so, will there be an additional cost to access those new modules?

We do plan to add additional modules. There will be no additional costs.


Q: Does anyone have this designation yet? If so, across which industries? 

The CHVP program launches April 27, 2019, and several corporations and advisors have already registered.


Q: How do employees access the courses?

This entire program is contained in a user-friendly online learning system. Students will receive log in information and onboarding to access the program.


Q: If I have questions while doing the modules who can I contact for clarification?

You will have full access to the program including a “help” and “ask the expert” resource.


Q: Is the CHVP course mobile-friendly?

Yes, the course is mobile-friendly. You can access the program anywhere you have internet access, so you can learn whenever is most convenient for you.