Community Spotlight

CHVP Graduate On a Quest to Control Healthcare Costs and Improve Outcomes

Community Spotlight

Recent CHVP Graduates Share Their Experiences

Making Health Care Purchasing Easier and More Effective

Donovan Pyle

Donovan Pyle, a recent recipient of the Validation Institute’s Certified Health Value Professional program is on the quest to help organizations and their employees reclaim the nearly $1 Trillion dollars wasted on healthcare and health insurance every year in the United States.

Pyle is the founder and CEO of Health Compass Consulting in Orlando, Florida, and we recently sat down with him to spotlight his experience in pursuing the Health Value Professional Certification.

Why did you decide to become a Certified Health Value Professional?

“Fixing our country’s dynamic and often complex healthcare system requires continuous study, and I found the opportunity to learn from professionals who help make purchasing decisions for fortune 100 companies irresistible. The collective resources available to benefits professionals through the Validation Institute cannot be found anywhere else”.

What got you into the employee benefits space?

I spent 10 years playing drums professionally in Manhattan after college, and while opening for the rock band “Heart” in Detroit, I fractured a bone in my kick-drum foot. It was my first interaction with the medical industrial complex as an adult, and it didn’t go very well. Making things worse, my band’s record label went bankrupt shortly thereafter, and I decided it was time to take on a bigger societal challenge. Throughout my time in New York, I saw first-hand how distortions in our healthcare system negatively affected my artist friends and created inequities in the marketplace. Although I originally wasn’t sure how I could help improve the vertical, opportunities became more self-evident as I moved throughout the industry and saw how the pieces fit together.

Improving our healthcare system can be a daunting challenge. What inspires you to keep going?

Three things: my wife who is a constant source of love and energy — our one-year-old son who teaches us to see things in a different light — and, lastly, the American people who are hungry for viable solutions to their everyday problems.

Describe your certification experience in one word.


Matt Thibault

Matt Thibault is a Project Director with Kansas Business Group on Health and recent graduate of the CHVP professional.  We caught up with him to talk about his role and what advice he has for those interested in the program.

How did you get started in the healthcare purchasing and/or benefits space?

My career started in the field of worksite wellness, where I managed the wellness program for one of our local hospital systems. After starting a new position at our local medical society, we assumed control over an existing organization that was focused on helping employers increase the value of their employee health benefits. Through this new role I was able to learn more about what goes into benefit plan design, in addition to what I’d learned in my worksite wellness role.

Why were you interested in pursuing your CHVP?

Having worked in the field of employee benefits for several years, I wanted to deepen my understanding on particular components of benefit design so I could be more informed and educated on the topics that we seek for our employer members to understand. I also knew that the Validation Institute’s certification for health professionals was well-respected and would dive deep into the concepts that I needed to understand to help me be successful in this field.

How will you apply what you have learned to your day to day job?

Through my role with the Kansas Business Group on Health, educating employers on various topics and strategies related to employee benefits is a key element of our work. With the knowledge I’ve obtained through the CHVP process, I feel much more confident in sharing these concepts with our employers and other stakeholders with the goal of driving meaningful change.

What advice would you have for others considering taking the CHVP?

For those considering taking the CHVP, my advice would be to set out a schedule for completing the modules and stick to the process. It is not easy, but things that are valuable rarely are.