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Wednesday, September 30; 2:00 – 3:00 PM EDT

The world has changed significantly in the last few months and every workplace has been impacted. Creating engaging employee experiences has always been relevant; however, now we’re looking at engagement through a very different lens. True employee engagement means helping your workforce cultivate resilience while ensuring they stay fit and connected. No matter where they are, employees want to feel empowered to care for their health and happiness, and bridge the physical and emotional distance created by COVID-19.

Join this webinar presented by Lorna Borenstein, one of Silicon Valley’s leading female entrepreneurs and founder/CEO of Grokker, Inc. and Will Mayor, Head of Learning & Development at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group and learn about what it takes to retain core talent during challenging times through true employee engagement.

  • Understand workforce expectations in the new normal
  • Identify the most effective tools to help drive engagement and collaboration
  • Gain strategies to foster a  sense of community and culture

This webinar is co-hosted by World Congress and Validation Institute.


Lorna Borenstein
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Grokker, Inc.
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Will Mayor
Head of Learning & Development
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
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