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August 18, 2020; 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm ET

The health insurance marketplace is complex, expensive, and fragmented. With Net Promoter Scores often in the negative, many people are unhappy with their health insurance and find accessing care and navigating their insurance company difficult. Employer groups and individuals are often faced with very high premiums for products that have the right intention, but whose users face a myriad of problems including restrictive benefits, limited formularies (drug are carved out) and networks (many doctors they want to see are not in their carrier’s network). Further, many of these health plans leverage high deductibles that impact people’s ability to utilize their care, and users have little transparency which often leads to “surprise” or “balance” billing.

Many employers have workforces that don’t fit the mold of what traditional insurance companies require – participation may not be high enough, the workforce make-up could be heavy on 1099s, part-time and/or seasonal employees, or they may struggle to find solutions for different classes of employees or foreign workers, etc. We need a better solution than what is in place to meet the changing needs of both employers and individuals. In this webinar,

  • Discuss the key challenges and trends of today’s health insurance marketplace
    • Evaluate and prepare for regulatory changes on the horizon
  • Make health care a true consumer market: Personalize health plan offerings to effectively meet employee needs
  • Eliminate administrative costs associated with traditional insurance and provide affordable and transparent care to employees
  • Leverage mobile apps to determine costs for procedures and prescription in real-time

This webinar is co-hosted by World Congress and Validation Institute.


Joe Greenberg
Vice President, Group Business Segment
Sidecar Health
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Patrick Quigley
Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder
Sidecar Health
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