Health Value Awards

A Validation Institute Health Value Award is not merely a recognition of good work.
It's a beacon guiding health care purchasers towards higher value programs and services.

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Recognizing the Best in Health Care.

We ensure our awards showcase health care organizations and programs that demonstrate measurably better and more transparent health outcomes, costs, and safety than conventional care. Our award categories cover the entirety of today’s health care ecosystem –from innovative healthcare vendors and tools to standout employer health benefits initiatives and plans to visionary leaders and advocates invested in disrupting the health care status quo to serve a greater good.

The Health Value Awards go hand-in-hand with Validation Institute’s mission of validating health care vendors’ performance claims to assure health care purchasers that actual results will approximate those that have been promised – and that thorough review process is woven tightly into the rich tapestry that is the Health Value Awards.

By adhering to principles of evidence, transparency, competition and efficiency, we identify high-value health care organizations as examples that can be emulated throughout the continuum of clinical and financial risk management.

How It Works

3 Award Tracks  –  47 Categories


To qualify as an award finalist, entries in these categories must participate in an independent peer review conducted by Validation Institute’s distinguished team of data scientists. This team reviews submitted data (case studies, population data, etc.) to ensure finalists are delivering on promised results to their users and clients.



Peer Reviewed categories include:

  • Alternative Reimbursement Vendors
  • Primary Care
  • Musculoskeletal Management
  • Benefits Advisors, Brokers, and Consultants
  • And 34 others


These award categories primarily highlight employer initiatives that demonstrate high-value outcomes to their employees, but some categories extend to healthcare vendors/services that wouldn’t be appropriately evaluated under the constraints of the peer review process (promising start-ups with limited data, for example). Entrants still undergo a thorough assessment by our judges panel.


Non-Peer Reviewed categories include:

  • Small Group (<250 employees)
  • Mid-Sized Group (250-5,000 employees)
  • Large Group (>5,000 employees)
  • Healthcare Purchasing Collaborative
  • Marketing Company
  • HRIS Technology Vendors
  • Spotlight


Our six honorary categories recognize individuals whose commitment to high-value health care goes beyond the average calling. These are disruptors and visionaries who are changing the way the industry views itself, as well as how others purchase and use health care programs, services, and tools. Nominate yourself or nominate a colleague, friend, or mentor. 



Honorary categories include:

  • Outstanding Employer/Union Benefits Manager (Purchaser)
  • Outstanding Benefits Advisor/Broker
  • Outstanding Corporate Senior Leader – Health Benefits
  • Lifetime Achievement – Clinical Care
  • Lifetime Achievement – Health Benefits Innovation
  • Hall of Fame