Awards Eligibility & FAQs

For the best application experience, please review these eligibility guidelines and common questions and prior to starting or submitting your Health Value Award application.


Q: Is Peer Review the same as Validation Institute’s Validation Program?

A: The Peer Review mirrors the verification process of a Validation, but the full Validation holds very powerful year-round marketing and sales advantages that the Peer Review does not. Peer review is a specific and critical step in the awards process, but is not an isolated achievement/term to be used for marketing or sales purposes (i.e., “We’ve been peer-reviewed by Validation Institute.”). To do so, companies need to submit their program for a full Validation. Those who pass the Peer Review would qualify for the full Validation at a significantly reduced but additional fee. Those who don’t pass Peer Review will receive an hour of consultative time with one of our data scientists to help you understand what is needed to pass a full Validation review.

Fully Validated programs receive a seal noting this achievement which can be used on their website and language that can be used in marketing materials, press releases, as well as prioritized placement on our online eXchange directory, and more.


Q: Are there fees for submitting an application?

A small application fee is required for Peer-Reviewed applicants to cover administrative costs associated with the peer review process. Submission fees start at $300 (due at the time of submission) and increase as the the final deadline approaches, so entrants in these categories are encouraged to submit their application as soon as possible. A pricing schedule based on submission date is provided below:


Submit by September 15Submit September 16 - October 15Submit October 16 - November 15Submit November 16 - December 15


There is no application fee for Non-Peer-Reviewed or Honorary submissions.


Q: I won a Health Value Award in 2018 or 2019, can I submit for the same category for 2020?

A: Yes, previous winners may apply again in the same category, though in keeping with the spirit of innovation and excellence, we’d encourage previous award winners to include additional data to show continued success since last award.


Q: Are only programs created in 2018-2019 eligible to enter for the 2020 awards?

A: No, we are looking for programs and services that were delivered during 2018/2019 and are continuing, but the program could have been in existence for some time prior to that.


Q: I’m a start-up with limited data. Can I still apply? 

A: Yes, there are options for entrants with limited data. We encourage you to contact us at and provide some details about your company and the data you currently have available. We can help you identify the additional data needed to proceed with a Peer-Reviewed category, or we may recommend that you apply for the Non-Peer-Reviewed Spotlight category until you have additional data that meets the rigorous standards of a Peer Review.


Q: Are international applicants eligible?

A: Yes, international applicants are eligible and there is also a specific category developed for international applicants who provide Offshore/Medical Tourism services to U.S. companies and patients.


Q: When and how are the awards distributed? 

A: Award winners are asked to accept their award in person at Validation Institute’s Health Value Awards ceremony on March 29, 2020 at World Health Care Congress. Finalists will be announced on January 6, 2020.


Q: Is information I supply in my application made available to the public?

A: While the Health Value Awards is dedicated to identifying and showcasing high performance in health care, we understand that some approaches may be based on proprietary processes. Accordingly, to facilitate an appropriate understanding of performance, we are amenable to considering a mutual non-disclosure agreement that protects applicants’ intellectual property clearly identified as confidential. If your organization considers some programmatic information proprietary, please clearly identify which info may and may not be disclosed. Within the application, there is a question that specifically asks whether you’d like to make your information public or not and reiterates the importance of the applicant to clearly mark/label responses or attachments as confidential/proprietary.