Preparing Your Health Value Awards Entry

Award Application Quick Tips

Start the Process Early

Because our mission is to recognize the best in health care, our application process requires data and detailed explanations of your program’s mission and impact. Often, Health Value Awards applicants need to work with multiple departments or stakeholders to gather all the details to complete the awards entry, which can extend their application process.


Review Guidelines, Deadlines, and Categories

Nothing’s worse than putting time and energy into an awards application only to find out you missed the deadline or aren’t eligible. To prevent frustration and confusion, take a moment to review the awards process, all key dates, and categories.

Note: Our awards categories have changed a bit from last year in order to better align with our online eXchange directory. Even if you’ve submitted an application previously, please review the category list to ensure you’re applying in the correct category.

Gather Program Information Prior to Starting Your Entry

For a succinct, complete awards application, we recommend gathering all your application information prior to starting an entry in the awards system. You can view the application questions here: Peer-Reviewed Application and Non-Peer-Reviewed Application

In the video below, Linda Riddell, Population Health Scientist, outlines tips for a successful Peer-Reviewed submission to make your application process easier and headache free.