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There’s no room in healthcare for those who over-promise and under-deliver.  The Validation Institute exists to create a results-based market for health and cost management programs.

who we are

The Validation Institute is an independent, objective, 3rd party resource for health care vendors and purchasers. Our training and certification programs provide benefit advisors and managers the tools they need to discern high-value programs from hype. Through our rigorous validation process, vendors can show their performance reports are correct and accurate, giving partners and customers confidence in the promises made.

Whether you’re seeking to enhance your creditability, or looking to work with the best in health care, you’ll find what you need with the Validation Institute.

What is Validation?

Validation Process

1. Intervention

With one of our reviewers, you will go through your program details and any published studies about it and its results.

2. Data Sources

Next, we look at where your data is coming from – for example, medical claims, surveys, or assessments.

3. Outcome Measure

Finally, we examine how the data was used to measure the results.

4. Validation

Upon successful completion, programs will receive a Validation Seal from the Validation Institute.

“By reviewing the accuracy of health care performance claims, the independent, third-party validation process helps establish the true price and value of services, saving both providers and buyers valuable time and money. Because it’s the best path to health care quality and cost transparency, Walmart will increasingly favor vendors with this level of validation.”


Sean Slovenski
Senior VP and President of Health & Wellness, Walmart, Inc.


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