Moving the Needle on Fertility Benefits: Employer Strategies to Get Started A Roundtable Discussion with HR Professionals

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April 20, 2021; 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm ET

To keep their workforce happy and healthy and to retain talent, employers must offer benefits that are tailored to meet specific employee needs and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. One benefit that employers are beginning to understand the value and importance of is fertility care. According to the CDC, one in eight couples have trouble getting pregnant, making infertility more widespread than cancer or diabetes. Weather it’s the inability to get pregnant or the desire to delay parenthood and not being able to find the ways and means to do so, infertility coupled with the lack of proper support and guidance toward reproductive health can cause severe anxiety and stress, affect an individual’s emotional and mental health, and reduce productivity. How can employers come forward and help those dealing with fertility issues? What cost-effective options are available?

Join your HR peers and engage in an informal conversation facilitated by Michelle Lim, HR Director, Planisware USA and Dr. David Adamson, CEO of ARC Fertility on how fertility benefits can foster an inclusive workplace culture, positively impact the health and well-being of your workforce, and reduce health care costs.  Address challenges around offering fertility benefits, discuss actionable steps to get started, and find answers to the following questions and more:

  • What are the current trends in employee benefits? What are employees’ expectations?
  • How can employers effectively address DEI?
  • Why are fertility benefits important?
  • How can employers remove the stigma around having conversations about reproductive health and fertility?
  • How can employers address key challenges around providing access to fertility care?
    • What are some strategies to gain leadership buy-in to invest in fertility benefits? Where is the ROI?
    • What are the most cost-effective fertility treatment options available to employers?
  • What are the specific features of infertility and fertility care plans that will enable more employers to provide infertility and fertility care coverage?


David Adamson, MD
Chief Executive Officer
ARC Fertility
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Michelle Lim
Human Resources Director
Planisware USA
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ARC® Fertility has 22 years of experience and success as the largest, proven, and trusted national network of leading physicians and clinics dedicated to cost-effective and affordable infertility and fertility care. ARC offers flexible, customized contribution plans that are easy to implement. The Employer can choose how much to subsidize —there are no PEPM costs and payment is made only when services are used. Digital tools, education, and Concierge Fertility Specialists provide support to reduce time, energy, and distraction for employees. Supplemental financing covers any gap between the employer contribution and patient need, making fertility care and IVF affordable to valued employees. ARC® Fertility has provided 4 million individuals with fertility care information, supported 1.5 million with personalized concierge service phone calls, and helped over 80,000 people gain access to affordable, high-quality care to achieve their goal of building a family.