Integrate Direct Contracting With Advanced Primary Care: Helping Employers Measure and Achieve Lower Health Care Costs and Improve Quality

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September 2, 2020; 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm ET

As health care costs are on the rise, employers must move away from traditional, cookie-cutter approaches to care delivery and implement tailored programs that meet the specific needs of their population. There is also a growing need to focus on primary care to eliminate an employer’s short- and long-term medical spend, and improve overall care quality. In this webinar hear about an innovative model where employers partner with community-based health care providers to implement value-based purchasing (measuring cost and quality) while offering comprehensive care. Learn how to strategically leverage existing relationships with benefit advisers and consultants, TPAs, and current medical practices, thereby reducing the risk and concern of employee disruption.

  • Discuss Advanced Primary Care and understand how it can assist with current employer health care issues and provider challenges
  • Develop a direct contracting framework that eliminates unnecessary medical spend
    • Foster existing employee-physician relationships and efficiently integrate Advanced Primary Care
    • Focus on preventive care, medication adherence, improving chronic condition management, and reducing specialist referrals
    • Evaluate overall impact on total medical expenditure and measure the ROI
  • Understand the role and importance of data analytics to identify employee/member needs, make meaningful health care decisions, and improve outcomes

This webinar is co-hosted by World Congress and Validation Institute.


Michael Fondell, MBA
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Robin Foust, PAHM
Chief Executive Officer, Healthcare Analyst
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BizMed Blue-Ribbon Direct strives to address employers’ short- and long-term health cost and quality issues by strengthening primary care. Primary care practices that apply the Blue-Ribbon Direct tenets may reduce overall expenditures for medical care. The Blue-Ribbon tenets address access, continuity, safety and comprehensiveness of patient care.