Managing Diabetes and Metabolic Disease: 5 Ways Employers Can Increase Quality of Care and Reduce Costs

About this Webinar Series

Wednesday, April 29; 1:00 – 2:00 pm ET

With COVID-19 straining budgets and shining a light on low value programs, employers are looking to eliminate waste and redeploy resources to high value initiatives. When it comes to metabolic disease, including diabetes, new interventions such as precision nutrition are redefining outcomes and replacing low value programs. Learn how your organization can focus on identifying, eliminating, and redeploying low value resources toward higher value programs and sustainable outcomes.

  • Discuss ways to identify low value care for metabolic disease
  • Understand why all diabetes medications are not equal
  • Gain insight o the cost and complexity of insulin
  • Learn how precision nutrition changes the cost-value equation at the individualized-care level
  • Explore why 360° care is crucial to successful outcomes


Alan Spiro, MD
Dr. Spiro is a healthcare leader with over 30 years of experience with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Accolade, Anthem and Willis Towers Watson.
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Melinda D. Maryniuk, MEd, RD, CDE, FADA
Melinda is an award-winning diabetes care and education specialist and dietitian with over 40 years of experience in the field.
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DayTwo uses Food As Medicine to enable a path to remission for Type 2 diabetes and PreDiabetes. People respond very differently to the same food, therefore, knowing what food and what combination of foods “works” for each person is crucial to an effective Diabetes care plan.

DayTwo uses a gut profile (stool sample, akin to Cologuard) to identify the right food and nutrition plan for each patient, to balance blood sugar levels, improve energy, manage hunger, and lose weight.

The DayTwo solution is delivered through registered dietitians, diabetes educators, and doctors via tele-health (text, video, and phone) a gut profile lab test, and a mobile app to track progress and improvement and communicate with the members assigned clinician-coach.

DayTwo uses A1C and Time In Range as the primary clinical outcomes, and weight as a secondary outcome. For those employers who implement the DayTwo protocol, DayTwo offers up to 100% fees-at-risk.