Question / Intervention Goal / Objectives

The 20Lighter Program is a physician-supervised weight loss intervention.  The program provides meal plans, dietary supplements, and offers participants daily interaction with a physician via a smart phone.  The program consists of three phases: a loading day, six weeks of low-calorie meal plan, and three weeks of transition to normal dietary intake.

Reduction in visceral fat and weight are the main outcomes measured in a population of 2,200 men and women who completed the program.   Maintenance of the weight loss was monitored 18 months after program completion.


Method/ Calculation

The data source is device-recorded body weight and visceral fat at baseline, 20 days, 40 days, and 60 days after program start.  Calculation of percentages was performed by the biomedical device.

A survey was sent to participants to assess their change in weight status 18 months after the program ended.


Findings / Metric/ Outcome/ Savings

Participants had statistically significant reduction in visceral fat, a recognized indicator of cardiovascular disease risk, at the 60-day measurement; this compared baseline measurement to the 60-day measurement.

Fifty seven percent of the participants responded to the 18-month follow-up survey.  The percentage of respondents who said they had maintained their weight loss or had lost more weight was 70%.



The data is limited to people who completed the program, omitting those who dropped out.  Data was not shown about the initial enrolling group.

The survey response rate of 57% is high; non-respondents received three follow-up reminders which could strengthen the results.  No analysis was done about non-respondents to determine a pattern of non-response.

The follow-up survey was not a validated instrument, which makes the results less reliable than is ideal.

The analysis did not include actual medical costs incurred by program participants; thus, while certain disease risk factors may be lower, medical costs may or may not be changed as a result.