Question/ Intervention Goal/Objectives

Cleo is a family benefit platform that helps parents with work/life balance before and after a child is born. Cleo Baby assists the member with pre-natal care, choosing a hospital for delivery, and planning for return to work. Cleo Kids helps parents manage childcare, preventive care, and offers career coaching. Additional supports for special-needs children are also offered.

The goal of the program is to help employees have a complication-free birthing and return to work process.

Method/ Calculation

The following metrics were reviewed.

Focal Point Valid Metrics: Numerator Valid Metrics: Denominator
90% of Cleo families return to work on time and stay with their employer 12 months post-baby People who respond actual return date within 5 days of their projected return date AND People employed by same employer after 12 months All responses to these questions
80% of Cleo Families experience clinical improvement in mood within 2 weeks # of people who showed a score improvement of at least 4 points # of total responses to this question
80% of Cleo families deliver at a high-quality birth facility (defined by lower c-section rate published by credible source such as Leapfrog) # of Cleo families who had their birth at high-quality hospitals # of total Cleo family births
Percentage of members who meet lactation goals # of respondents who report at follow-up that they met lactation goals set at a baseline interview # of total respondents to this survey question
80% experience clinical improvement in mood symptoms in 1 month # of people who showed a score improvement of at least 5 points # of total responses to this question
Productivity of parents of special-needs children # of Participants with children with special needs who reported no loss in productivity (subset of WPAI) Total # of productivity responses of all families with special-needs children
High-risk member engagement # of participants identified as high risk who interact with the program at least monthly Total # of participants identified as high risk

Findings/ Metric/ Outcome/ Savings

The measures are valid and reasonable methods to assess the impact of the program. The data gathering is consistent and uses validated instruments to assess changes over time in mood or productivity, for
example. Each measure reflects a direct or indirect benefit to the program participant and/or the program sponsor. For example, engagement by members who have been identified as high risk has been shown in research to reduce the frequency of extreme prematurity and newborn respiratory distress. (Alexander & Mackey, 1999) and (Little & al, 2002). The monthly engagement by these members is a proxy measure for how much opportunity the program has to influence health and cost outcomes.


The data collected only reflects those who respond to the surveys, which may not represent all Cleo users or be generalizable to other working parents.