Connect Healthcare Collaboration

Question / Intervention Goal / Objectives

Connect Healthcare Collaboration guides employers to choose health and wellness programs that have demonstrated measurable positive impact on costs and quality.  By implementing proven programs, employers should experience lower overall costs.  


Method / Calculation

The analysis compared Per Employee Per Year costs from a pre-implementation year to a post-implementation year.  Costs included medical benefits for all employees covered by the employer’s plan.  Costs for implementing the programs were netted against the savings.  


Findings / Outcome/ Savings

The post-implementation year’s medical costs (net of intervention costs) were statistically significantly lower than the pre-implementation year’s.  



Savings may be the result of multiple interventions, or combination of interventions; this analysis cannot differentiate at the program level.  

Having more than 12 months of cost data would provide a broader picture of the intervention’s long-term savings.