**Winner of the 2019 Health Value Award for Program Provider – General**

Question / Intervention Goal / Objectives 

Freshbenies offers employer health plan members several programs designed to encourage use of lower-cost medical services.  Freshbenies programs include virtual access to specialists, advocacy services designed for price transparency and cost efficiency, and a pharmacy savings program.  

One offering, the Teladoc program, gives members access to primary care, dermatology, and behavioral health visits by phone and video.    By substituting the lower-cost virtual visit for a face-to-face visit, the program reduces the total costs for a plan. An engaging and unique communication campaign strives to increase use of the lower-cost services.  (Note: the validation review focused only on the Teladoc program.) 


Method/ Calculation 

An independent analysis performed by Veracity Healthcare Analytics in 2015 measured 12 months of per member per month spending (including all plan members) for the period before the Teladoc program was implemented, and 18 months from the period after the program was implemented. The population included 80,000 freshbenies’ participants.  The calculation aggregated a reduction in per member per month spending and the change in spending trend (slope).  


Findings / Metric/ Outcome/ Savings 

The difference between the observed versus expected spending per member per month was $21.30.  The change in spending trend was -$1.16 PMPM and was statistically significant. The change in PMPM spending was -$9.68 and was not statistically significant.  The two factors together, however, reached statistical significance.  



No data was offered and therefore no adjustments were made to reflect other changes the employer or plan may have made at the same time that Teladoc was introduced. Other changes may have had an influence on the PMPM spending and the trend, aside from the Teladoc program.  

The analysis was of four different employer groups in the United States; other employers may have different results from the same intervention.