Green Imaging



Question / Intervention Goal / Objectives

Green Imaging is owned and operated by board-certified radiologists who manage a virtual medical imaging network (CT scans. MRIs, x-rays, etc.) with locations nationwide. The company offers transparent pricing, centralized scheduling, software that keeps providers up to date on status of referrals, and centralized viewing and reporting software. The objective is to provide quality medical imaging services for a lower cost.


Method/ Calculation

Green Imaging compared its fees with the Healthcare Bluebook Regional Fair Price (RFP) for each medical imaging service offered.


Findings / Metric/ Outcome/ Savings

A table documented cost differences between Green Imaging’s price and the regional fair price for over 40 procedures, including CT scans, MRIs, x-rays, and mammograms. All examples demonstrated Green Imaging fees were 0.70% to 170% below RFP. 



The data offered does not address the quality of care.