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Question / Intervention Goal / Objectives

Happy Whole Human provides a self-assessment tool and, based upon the results, targeted support for 28 different wellness dimensions.  Dimensions range from engagement at work to emotional wellness.  Participants do re-assessments at set intervals.  Exposure to the program strives to boost participants’ scores on self-perceived health status, productivity, and turnover intention.


Method/ Calculation

The wellness assessment included three validated questions for self-perceived health status, work productivity, and turnover intention.  Thirty participants’ scores were taken at baseline and at 12 weeks.  Each participant’s change in score was then calculated (correlated samples).


Findings / Metric/ Outcome/ Savings

After 12 weeks, more participants strongly agreed that their health status was excellent though the change was not statistically significant.  There was no change in workdays lost due to illness.  There was a statistically significant increase in participants’ intention to stay with their current employer.



Different employers may have different results.