The Leapfrog Group

The Leapfrog Group

**Winner of the 2019 Health Value Award for Value Transparency Services**

Question / Intervention Goal / Objectives  

The Leapfrog intervention publishes hospital’s safety and quality records, with two goals in mind: one is to encourage hospitals to improve their safety and quality records; two is to encourage employers to prefer the better performing hospitals. The easy access to Leapfrog’s reporting on hospitals in itself may motivate hospitals to improve; there is evidence that hospitals did respond to the publicity of these records.  For employers, Leapfrog offers a calculator to estimate savings from having more patients served at safer hospitals.  


Method/ Calculation  

The Leapfrog LIves & Dollars Lost calculator uses credible and reliable data sources, including the data gathered from hospitals, to estimate the costs and health consequences of medical errors. The calculator offers estimates for avoidable deaths, the cost of errors that is built in to hospital charges, and how much of the employer’s total spending is for errors.  


Findings / Metric/ Outcome/ Savings  

The calculator produces an estimate of 13% of total medical spending is for hospital errors, along with estimates of the number of avoidable deaths and the extra costs for each hospital admission. 



The estimates, though based upon credible data, are not from an actual implementation of the intervention.