Quantum Health

Quantum Health

Quantum Health

Quantum Health

Question / Intervention Goal / Objectives 

Comprehensive health navigation/care coordination.


Method/ Calculation 

Multiple years’ actuarial reports have been reviewed and critiqued. Quantum’s actuarial reports are highly credible. 


Findings / Metric/ Outcome/ Savings 

Overall savings vs. trend for the entire population managed.  This approach avoids all regression to the mean and participation bias by including the entire population for all periods.

While they “average” a higher reduction, for validation purposes we are looking for a figure that most companies should be able to achieve. Therefore, the figure is lower than the figure in their actuarial reports.



Conflated average results with results that can be expected 90% of the time. The validation percentage is lower than the actuarial report describes for that reason.

The trend is sourced and reasonable. However, it is not a pure cost reduction across the population. Changing the trend assumption would change the savings.

Results over time have weakened noticeably, though still the best in the field.