[US HealthCenter’s] Predictimed

[US HealthCenter’s] Predictimed

[US HealthCenter’s] Predictimed

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**Winner of the 2019 Health Value Award for Program Provider – Care Navigation**

Question / Intervention Goal / Objectives

PredictiMed’s intervention identifies people who are at higher risk for colon cancer with the goal of ensuring appropriate testing. Through appropriate testing, cases of colon cancer can be reduced and life years saved.   


Method / Calculation 

The applicant identified patients as at-risk based upon their Health Risk Assessment scores ; then, the results of their colonoscopy test was compared to assess the accuracy of the HRA score.  At-risk patients were compared to the general population.  Costs for colonoscopy tests and life-year saved came from credible sources.  Results for the group were compared to a matched control group.  

Return on investment was expressed in two ways: savings from reducing cases of colon cancer, and per life year saved over a three-year period.    


Findings / Outcome/ Savings

The savings per avoided colon cancer case was $55,000; the savings per life year saved over a three-year period was $1,995,000.  



The study was observational, and therefore, the intervention group may be affected by selection bias.  

Estimates for the control group came from other studies and national statistics.