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Question / Intervention Goal / Objectives

Vera Whole Health’s primary care model offers on-site clinics, health coaching, longer patient visits, and coordination of care.  By working closely with patients on setting and achieving health goals and providing convenient access to primary care, Vera Whole Health demonstrated lower than expected costs for a 1,192-member group.


Method/ Calculation

Two baseline years and two intervention years were used in a pre- post- comparison.  Two linear models were calculated: one with two baseline years, and another with the most recent three years.  The average of these two linear models produces the expected trend.  The actual cost trend is then compared to this expected trend.  The data is risk adjusted via one normalized predictive risk score.  Data is further adjusted for any changes in the health benefits.

The difference between the actual and the predicted trend is the gross savings.  Net savings is calculated by subtracting the operating costs of the program, which includes the startup costs of building the onsite clinic.


Findings / Metric/ Outcome/ Savings

The program had net savings $232,458, which is $195 per eligible member per year, after investing approximately $1.0 million in the onsite clinic.



Savings will vary by employer, and may not be positive in all cases.