Specialty Pharma’s 2022 Patient Support Trends: Progress Check

About this Webinar

July 21, 2022 • 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM ET

At the end of each year, leaders in specialty pharma put forth several trends they expect to impact the industry’s approach to patient support for the coming year.

Midway through 2022, join our experts as they review the sector’s progress toward the predicted trends for this year. In this webinar, discuss whether these trends came to fruition and if the strategies implemented early in the year should be continued, or whether a pivot is needed to best meet the needs and expectations of healthcare providers and patients.

Specifically, attendees will review these widely predicted trends:

  • Continued rise of telehealth and e-commerce
  • Increasingly extending care to the patient’s home
  • Battling healthcare’s “infodemic”
  • Ongoing challenges with health equity


Jan Nielsen
Division President, Patient Solutions
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Adam Stotts
Senior Vice President, Customer Success
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Bridget Wills
Senior Director, Marketing & Communications

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