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AIA Benefits Resource Group Professionals Receive Certification from the CI Validation Institute

MECHANICSBURG, PA May 11, 2015 – Today AIA Benefits Resource Group, a Central PA-based employee health and benefits advisory firm, announced that Certification from the CI Validation Institute has been conferred upon Kevin Krause, COO and Principal; Ashley Tedor, Senior Consultant; and Gretchen Ritter, MPH, Consulting Associate.
Becoming certified by the Validation Institute requires studying the certification course curriculum and passing the Critical Outcomes Report Analysis test. Once conferred, Validation Institute Certification indicates an understanding of population health metrics, and an ability to assess the validity of reports and claims.  It is with this in mind that AIA/BRG staff partnered with the CI Validation Institute to become certified.
“Our clients are looking for proven ways to bend the healthcare cost curve,” said Kevin Krause, COO and Principal. “As a trusted and unbiased advisor, we feel strongly that it is our job to facilitate evidenced-based decision making and proper evaluation of program effectiveness for our clients. When we learned of the opportunity to become certified through the CI Validation Institute, it was a natural step for us to take to ensure our clients benefit from the best tools available to address their employees’ health and the cost of their healthcare benefits.”
Through its DiscoverHealth® program, AIA Benefits Resource Group delivers its clients innovative solutions to address employee health and wellbeing and reduce healthcare costs. Employer-based wellness initiatives have grown significantly over the last few decades; however, evaluation of health care cost containment strategies such as wellness programs, pricing transparency and onsite clinics are often fraught with varying inconsistencies and mathematical fallacies when reporting outcomes and potential return on investment (ROI).
“As the healthcare industry evolves so that the achievement of cost savings replaces the appearance of cost savings as the key outcome, individuals who understand the difference will be highly valued in the marketplace. Additionally, sound assessment methodology is critical in building population health programs that will help those who are sick better manage their health and prevent those who are at-risk from developing costly chronic conditions,” said Sean Slovenski, CEO of Intel-GE Care Innovations and Advisory Board Member of CI Validation Institute.
About AIA Benefit Resource Group
AIA Benefit Resource Group develops innovative employee health and benefit solutions to improve health care affordability while strengthening organizational and employee wellbeing. We deploy unique and different thinking to produce market leading outcomes for businesses of all types. These superior health and financial outcomes are supplemented with a robust service package providing a wide array of human resource, technology, and regulatory compliance support solutions designed to mitigate risk and improve operating efficiencies.
About the CI Validation Institute
The CI Validation Institute’s goal is to help organizations involved in population health – from Health Plans to Employers to Vendors – adhere to the highest standards of validity, allowing them to compete on the basis of integrity and performance rather than hyperbole.
The Validation Institute will impartially challenge the status quo of typical population health outcomes measurement, with the objective of impacting how the industry establishes its credibility. Visit to learn more.
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