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Intel-GE Care Innovations™ Validation Institute Convenes Stellar Advisory Board on Heels of 15th Annual Population Health Colloquium

Institute Gathers Population Health Experts to Further Innovation in Healthcare, Strengthen Credibility in Outcomes

ROSEVILLE, Calif., April 2, 2015– Intel-GE Care Innovations™ Validation Institute today announced the conclusion of its first Institute Advisory Board meeting in Philadelphia, PA in conjunction with the 15th annual Population Health Colloquium hosted by The Jefferson University School of Population Health. With the Institute’s focus on validating population health outcomes, the Population Health Colloquium was the ideal event to set the stage for the first Advisory Board meeting.
The Institute’s Advisory Board, including twelve experts in population health, digital health and healthcare innovation, gathered to discuss the current issues in the field and the role the new Validation Institute is playing in moving the industry forward. Dr. David Nash, Dean of the Jefferson School of Population Health, is Chair of the Advisory Board and was joined by Board members Dr. Dee Edington, Mathew Holt, Don McDaniel, Dr. Jan Berger, Tricia Parks, Fred Goldstein, Ian Duncan, Jason Wainstein, Stephen Chick, Frank Frigo and Dr. Walter Elias, and executives from Care Innovations.
“It’s gratifying to have more than 700 people attend our Population Health Conference and then spend an afternoon with such a distinguished group of people discussing how we can continue to move our industry forward on a foundation of sound analytics and study design,” commented Dr. Nash. “I see tremendous opportunity in our field over the next couple of years through collaborations such as this.”
The goal of the meeting was to chart the course for population health outcomes validations. Advisory Board members all agreed that, while certainly not true of all companies, there exists a sort of “Wild West” when it comes to claims being made in population health. Unfortunately, healthcare industry stakeholders have no way of separating the effective companies and services from the rest of the field, and sometimes make purchasing decisions based on less than valid claims.
Also discussed was expanding the types of companies traditionally being validated to include more digital health start-ups where investors are looking for proof points and buyers may be hesitant to invest in new technologies without third-party validation.
Many purchasers of healthcare services have asked the Institute to increase its validation of wellness programs, noting the difficulty of sorting through the wildly varying savings claims being proclaimed. Having a trusted place to evaluate such programs, they say, would be a huge win, especially for employers who are increasingly motivated to control employee health costs.
In addition, major enhancements to the Validation Institute’s Certification course were discussed, as was the scheduling of the first annual “Validation Institute Forum.” This invitation-only event will bring together leading population health experts, successful health and wellness programs and validated organizations for an in-depth discussion of what is working and why.
“Purchasers of healthcare programs and services are faced with a tremendous amount of pressure to sift through the hype and figure out where to invest their limited budgets to improve employee health, manage new types of risk with their patients, or invest their IT budgets to move their organizations forward into this new era of healthcare,” said Karissa Price, Executive Director of Care Innovations Validation Institute. “While there are many reliable providers who can truly deliver on promised ROI’s or health outcomes, there are unfortunately also many who are making spurious claims. Creating an objective process and standard that is supported by the guidance of such an accomplished group of professionals, the Validation Institute can help the purchasers and providers of health and wellness programs and products move forward with confidence. These investments can indeed produce the outcomes that they are looking for and that our healthcare system needs.”
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