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Jeff Greene to Present at University Research Parks Int’l Conference

Greene to discuss University Research Parks serving as save harbors for entrepreneurs.

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – (September 28, 2016) MedEncentive, LLC, a leader in the area of healthcare cost containment, announced today that CEO and founder Jeff Greene will be a keynote presenter at the Association of University Research Parks 2016 International Conference in Oklahoma City.
Greene will discuss the societal benefits that can be realized when university research parks serve as start-up incubators for private entrepreneurs. His presentation takes place on Thursday, September 29 at 10:10 a.m. CT, at the Skirvin Hotel downtown conference center.

As the inventor of the Tri-lateral Health Accountability Model, for which he holds two U.S. patents and a Canadian patent, Greene will describe how ideas can be scary, and how he found a nurturing environment at the University of Oklahoma Research Park to pursue the commercialization of his company’s ideas. He will also suggest how the different personality traits between researchers and academicians versus innovators and entrepreneurs is ideal for commercializing scientific and technological inventions.
The theme of this year’s AURP International Conference is “Harnessing the Winds of Change. Pioneering the Future of Ingenuity at University Research Parks.” For more information, contact Vickie Palmer, Events Director, at (520) 529-2524 or
About MedEncentive, LLC
Located in Oklahoma City, MedEncentive, LLC offers a unique web-based incentive system designed to control healthcare costs by encouraging healthy behaviors and best clinical practices. What sets the MedEncentive Program apart is how it uses financial incentives to invoke more powerful psychosocial motivators inherent to the doctor-patient relationship. In effect, doctors and patients earn financial rewards for accessing MedEncentive’s proprietary web applications to declare or demonstrate adherence to performance standards, plus agree to allow the other party to confirm or acknowledge their adherence. This system of interactive checks and balances, referred to as “doctor-patient mutual accountabilityTM,” aligns and triangulates the interests of the healthcare provider, consumer and payer to create a win-win- win. MedEncentive is also well-known for its use of “information therapy” to advance health literacy, the leading indicator of health and healthcare costs. For more information, visit: or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
About the Association of University Research Parks (AURP)
The Association of University Research Parks is a professional association of university related research and science parks. AURP’s mission is to foster innovation, commercialization and economic growth through university, industry and government partnerships. For more information, visit AURP’s web site at