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Validation Institute Announces Credibility Guarantee

Woburn, MA  – (December 1, 2020) – Validation Institute (VI), an independent, objective, third party organization focused on changing health care, is pleased to announce a unique, powerful Credibility Guarantee aimed at helping employers easily identify high-performing health care solution providers.
Validation Institute now offers the customers of our validated solution providers up to a $25,000 guarantee. This guarantee confirms that a validated solution provider will, in fact, achieve what the validation language on a marketing claim says it will.  “The goal is to take the financial risk off employers and improve healthcare benefits for employees, by making it easy to identify high-performance healthcare solutions and providers” said Benny DiCecca, CEO, Validation Institute.
To enforce the Credibility Guarantee, validation language may be included in a customer contract on behalf of the validated solution provider, such as:

If Customer feels that Contractor did not achieve what its validation language says it achieves, Customer may submit a claim up to $25,000 to the Validation Institute (VI). VI will review the claim and either pay it, offer a smaller payout, or request a binding, final finding by an arbitrator assigned by the American Arbitration Association.

According to Validation Institute Senior Advisor, Al Lewis: “This unique self-imposed penalty draws a bright line between a Validation Institute validation and any other. It’s easy for us because in 6 years, covering hundreds of validations, we’ve never been challenged and probably never will be. By contrast, most so-called validations fall apart the second they are exposed to direct sunlight. Sometimes the perps even admit it.”
About Validation Institute
Validation Institute is an independent, objective, third party organization on a mission to improve the quality and cost of healthcare. Based in Woburn, MA the organization is made up of a network of health benefits purchasers, health benefits advisors, and healthcare solution providers focused on delivering better health value and stronger outcomes than conventional healthcare.
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