Acacia Mental Health Announces Program Validation Achievement

August 3, 2023
Press Contact: Aimee O’Brien


Woburn, MA: (August 3, 2023)—Acacia Mental Health (“Acacia”), the leader in rapid, medication-free treatment of depression and anxiety, announced that it has achieved the prestigious Program Validation from Validation Institute for its BRAIN™ protocol. The Program Validation delivers unmatched cost reductions and better outcomes for treatment-resistant Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Per the independent analysis, the BRAIN™ protocol is cost-effective in addressing treatment-resistant obsessive-compulsive disorder, with remission rates >30%.  Further, 58% have a meaningful response.

This validation follows scientific publications co-authored by Acacia scientists.  This research showed that remission was possible in many cases. Remarkably, the remission of symptoms was rapid – relief was experienced in days or weeks after treatment.

The approach is both safer, and less costly compared to the standard of care.  “It’s been remarkable to see people regain hope,” says David Carreon, M.D., the Stanford-trained psychiatrist and co-founder of Acacia.

Acacia is the first mental health vendor and only the third solution provider to achieve a Program validation.  They join two other companies, Kaia Health, and Virta Health, as program-level validated vendors.

“In a crowded marketplace, Acacia’s innovative OCD treatment with Behavioral Response Augmented Intelligent Neuromodulation™ (BRAIN) treatment stands out for proven impact on health outcomes and driving significant cost savings,” said Benny DiCecca, CEO of Validation Institute.

Robust solutions to the mental health crisis have never been more critical. Acacia treats a full range of patients, from depression and anxiety to severe OCD. “OCD has a 10x higher suicide rate compared to depression.  Our rapid-acting, medication-free treatment available for OCD as part of a health benefit plan could be lifesaving,” said Owen Muir, M.D., SVP of Strategy for Acacia and a dual board-certified child and adult psychiatrist in Acacia’s New York Center of Excellence.

Meanwhile, payers struggle to manage skyrocketing employee medical costs. The Department of Labor issued recent guidance that could “crackdown” on mental health parity violations.  Unlike mental health solutions that offer only medication or therapy, the Acacia approach goes further– even when other treatments have not helped.

Guarantees of Valid Outcomes Measurement

Validation Institute confers Program-Level Validation only for vendors whose savings or outcomes are backed by actual double-blinded trials rather than participants-vs-non-participants or other methodologies.  Validation Institute backs the mathematical integrity of these validations with a unique $50,000 Credibility Guarantee.

Al Lewis, generally acknowledged as the country’s leading outcomes reviewer and author of the only textbook on vendor outcomes measurement, is adding his own $100,000 guarantee separately. He says: “No vendor in OCD even approaches this level of integrity in study design or outcomes. And certainly not both together. No need to take my word for this. I guarantee it.”

Read the Validation Report here.

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