Spring Health

The words 'Spring Health' in a clean, green font with a stylized leaf motif, denoting a focus on growth and vitality in healthcare.

Spring Health is a comprehensive mental health solution for employers and health plans. Unlike any other solution, we use Precision Mental Healthcare to seamlessly pinpoint and deliver exactly the right fit for each person – whether that’s digital support, meditation exercises, coaching, therapy, medication, and beyond.


ViMedicus was founded in 2010 on the belief that our healthcare system needed to radically change its approach towards individual health. Their ViCare® program enables individuals to sustainably relieve anxiety, depression, and stress, reducing the cost of healthcare services for themselves and their employers.

Sober Sidekick

Sober Sidekick seeks to leverage the strength of community to expand positive health outcomes and preserve lives. Their primary belief is that the opposite of addiction is connectedness, and that isolation stands as the most influential social determinant of health. Sober Sidekick is a healthcare engagement platform that utilizes gamified peer-to-peer support to foster meaningful […]