PeopleOne Health

Logo of PeopleOne Health featuring a colorful cross with a heart at the center, adjacent to the bold text 'PEOPLEONE HEALTH'.

PeopleOne Health delivers quality, convenient, and affordable primary care along with essential health services. Unlike mainstream healthcare options that often fail to offer timely and attentive care, PeopleOne Health places the individual’s health needs at the forefront. This approach restores the provider-patient relationship and eliminates financial barriers to care, resulting in better health outcomes for […]

InHouse Physicians

InHouse Physicians is a global provider of innovative onsite healthcare solutions that assist corporations in reducing healthcare claims. Using a value-based approach, our “next generation” worksite clinics reduce healthcare costs while improving health outcomes that matter most to patients. 

BizMed Solutions

BizMed provides a platform to integrate and facilitate the administration of quality improvement initiatives and value-based reimbursement models including technology and services to enable and accelerate adoption of Advance Primary Care.

Proactive MD

Proactive MD provides a total healthcare and population health management solution for employers by partnering with them to offer Advanced Primary Care Health Centers for employees.