What Employers Say About Us

“If an employee benefit vendor comes to us promising an outcome or result, we would ask if that outcome is validated by Validation Institute, or if not, why not? We will be interested in hearing their responses.”

Shawn Leavitt
SVP, Global Benefits

"We at Michelin are committed to insuring that our employees and their dependents have access to excellent, affordable health care. But we are concerned that the cost of conventional approaches do little to improve the well being of either our employees or Michelin. We’re convinced that this new approach of identifying best of breed managers in high value niches is a way to bring a win to the marketplace and help companies like yours and mine.”

Barry Cross
Director of Total Compensation, Michelin

“While we started our healthcare program in 1991, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the health and the lives of our associates, their families, and our local communities. Validation Institute and its Health Value Awards Program are an essential source of recognition and of validating new ideas for our program.”

Harris Rosen
Founder and CEO, Rosen Hotels and Resorts

“By reviewing the accuracy of health care performance claims, the independent, third-party validation process helps establish the true price and value of services, saving both providers and buyers valuable time and money. Because it’s the best path to health care quality and cost transparency, Walmart will increasingly favor vendors with this level of validation.”

Sean Slovenski
Senior VP & President of Health Wellness

“With so many vendors offering wellness solutions, it’s difficult to know which ones will actually show results and save us money. It is also very time-consuming to do the research. Validation Institute helped streamline this process so that we were able to choose vendors that truly make a difference.”

Jayne Schmitz
Wellness Program Specialist, Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association

“ To recruit and retain top talent, employers are in a constant battle to balance cost against value to the organization. The Certified Health Value Professional program by Validation Institute arms healthcare purchasing decision makers with the tools and knowledge to find that balance.”

Dick Finnegan
CEO, C-Suite Analytics

“As a previous CPA and an HR leader, it is important that we demonstrate good business acumen in healthcare purchases. The Certified Health Value Professional program by Validation Institute is the must-have designation for any healthcare purchasing professional working in today’s constantly evolving marketplace. It is the only certification of its kind focusing entirely on how to make the best healthcare purchase decisions to benefit both employees and employers.”

Sherri Merbach
Managing Director, C-Suite Analytics & Finnegan Institute

"Selecting the right Healthcare Plan shouldn’t be about flashy promises of big savings, presented at an expensive business lunch ending with some cool company tchochkes. Yet in my 25+ yrs in business I am embarrassed to say, I have always made healthcare decisions following the Health Insurance companies well designed marketing funnel. A close friend suggested I look into the CHVP program. I started with the CORA certificate program. I found the program to be both informative as it was entertaining. Linda presents practical, actionable, and most importantly SCIENTIFIC data analysis in an easily digestible and entertaining way. I’m now feeling like I have the practical knowledge as to what to say, ask and look for in my next round of Annual Health plan reviews.”

Andrew Conti
Publisher Services Associates

What Healthcare Benefits Advisors Say About Us

“The Certified Outcomes Report Analysis (CORA) certification, part of the Certified Health Value Professionals program, equips healthcare (and non-healthcare) individuals with the right tools and knowledge to accurately assess the validity of healthcare statistics. Further, CORA grads learn the process on how to gather data and derive their own statistics, on the foundation of sound mathematical theory. If you have never written a proof, or are asking yourself, ‘what’s a proof?’ there’s no need to worry — the course is made for everyone, regardless of mathematical background. I had a lot of fun getting CORA certified, and definitely see the world of healthcare statistics more clearly. 100% recommended!”

Mark LaPointe

“In my attempts to provide our clients with unmatched service and cutting edge ideas and techniques designed to maximize quality while minimizing the cost of healthcare delivery to their employees, I am constantly reading, partaking in webinars and enrolling for training programs on the latest trend in healthcare. The training and certification program offered by the Validation Institute is easily the most comprehensive and in-depth healthcare delivery training I have taken during my 25+ year career. I strongly recommend the program to all Benefit Advisors that wish to increase the value of their consulting capabilities.”

Terence Gorman
Managing Director, Employee Benefits Division - World Insurance Associates LLC

“The Certified Health Value Professional program provides the key education on the areas where an employer can truly move the needle to improve their health care offering at a significantly lower cost. The quality of the program is very high, and the relevancy of the education is spot on.”

Andrew Roberts
Principal, AMR Benefits Management, LLC

“Value in healthcare cannot be deduced or reconciled without a rigorous and consistent verification standard. Many vendors make representations regarding their tools and services that simply don’t stand up to verification rendering those services valueless and, in many cases, meaningless. To implement valuable and credible strategies, employers need and deserve partners whose services and results create data and reporting that can be evaluated, defended and verified. The Validation Institute provides this critical service.”

Jeffrey Hogan
Northeast Regional Manager, Rogers Benefit Group

“The Validation Institute is performing an invaluable service at a critical time in healthcare. A myriad of wellness programs and so-called healthcare cost-containment solutions promise meaningful improvements in employee health and/or reductions in the cost of healthcare. Contrary to their promises, most never move the needle on either health or cost. Yet there are highly effective solutions that do deliver on their promises to improve employee health, better medical outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs. By providing much-needed third-party verification of vendor claims, the Validation Institute gives employers and their benefits brokers and advisers the data and the confidence to begin to control and reduce the cost of healthcare.”

Nelson L. Griswold
President, Bottom Line Solutions

“Our focus is on lowering health care costs, the importance of price transparency, and improving outcomes for our clients and their families. The Validation Institute plays an important role in validating a vendor’s performance claims, giving purchaser’s confidence that these claims will materialize in practice”

Edward C. Smith
CIC, Executive Vice-President, HealthTree Benefits & Consulting

“Health care costs continue to rise and continue to be unsustainable. As a result, there are a large number of innovative products and services that are surfacing around the country. It is important these products and services, and their results, be validated by an independent, third party. That is the primary function of the Validation Institute.”

Richard E. Sutton
Employee Benefits Consultant, RE Sutton & Associates

“The way benefits have been distributed and sold for the last 20 years at least is like the wild west. We are expected to be a buyer’s agent, but we are generally paid as a sellers agent. It’s time we create a set of standards for delivering best practices for one of the biggest line items of most employers.”

David Contorno
Founder, E Powered Benefits

What Healthcare Vendors Say About Us