To Understand Value’s Market Progress, Watch Primary Care

Brian Klepper A year ago, 92 primary care physicians (PCPs) in Charlotte, NC broke away from the region’s largest health system, Atrium Health, forming Tryon Medical Partners, an independent, physician-owned group. Then, a couple weeks ago, another 41 PCPs left the area’s second largest health system, Novant, to join Holston Medical Group, a large multispecialty […]

The Continuing Abject Failure of US Healthcare

William Bestermann, MD No matter how far up the food chain you are, the failure to reform US healthcare puts you and those you care about squarely in the crosshairs of physical and financial catastrophe. Almost everything that you love about life depends on your health. You may have the wherewithal to have a vacation […]

Chronic Disease by the Numbers: We are Fighting the Wrong Battle

Al Lewis The wellness withhold provision in the Affordable Care Act codifies the CDC’s  2009 “Call to Action” about chronic disease: The Power to Prevent, the Call to Control. On the summary page, we learn some of what the CDC calls “arresting facts”:  “Chronic diseases cause seven in 10 deaths each year in the U.S.”   “About […]

Health Care's Most Needed Next Step

Brian Klepper It seems inevitable that, in the near future, an innovative health care organization is going to seize the market opportunity, gradually cobble all the pieces together, and demonstrate to organizational purchasers that it consistently delivers better health outcomes at significantly lower cost than has previously been available. To manage risk and drive performance, […]

North Carolina's Battle for Health Care Value

“Lobbying? We’ve got 9 million taxpayers and 720,000 participants in this plan who understand that they aren’t consuming health care, it’s consuming them.” North Carolina State Treasurer Dale Folwell In North Carolina, a storm is brewing that highlights the health care industry’s influence and stranglehold over public dollars. An experienced civic-minded reformer with clout has […]

My Why

Dave Chase Originally posted 9/04/2018 on LinkedIn. I’m often asked why my life’s work has become helping build a new health ecosystem that restores humanity to patients and clinicians while achieving the Quadruple Aim. I give my most personal explanation why in the Preface to my book that publishes tomorrow. Every day, I’m inspired by […]