The Validation Institute’s Certified Health Value Professional Designation

For Benefits Advisors and Purchasers, Knowledge Really Is Power! Health care is vast and complicated, and filled with nooks and crannies that are more nuanced than most of us understand. Every day we read about, hear about and even sell important services – say, drug cost management, health care analytics, episodic case rates, medical claims […]

CORA Pro Certification in Action!

Al Lewis A few months ago, the American Cancer Society (ACS) published data showing an “alarming” increase in colon cancer among younger people. This “finding” generated some major headlines, like the one below. Consequently, major health plans decided to cover more screening for more young people: This is a very instructive decision, but not because […]

Chronic Disease by the Numbers: We are Fighting the Wrong Battle

Al Lewis The wellness withhold provision in the Affordable Care Act codifies the CDC’s  2009 “Call to Action” about chronic disease: The Power to Prevent, the Call to Control. On the summary page, we learn some of what the CDC calls “arresting facts”:  “Chronic diseases cause seven in 10 deaths each year in the U.S.”   “About […]

Health Care's Most Needed Next Step

Brian Klepper It seems inevitable that, in the near future, an innovative health care organization is going to seize the market opportunity, gradually cobble all the pieces together, and demonstrate to organizational purchasers that it consistently delivers better health outcomes at significantly lower cost than has previously been available. To manage risk and drive performance, […]

Validating Health Care Performance

Brian Klepper Posted 8/20/18 in Valid Points, the Newsletter of The Validation Institute The beginning of wisdom is calling things by their true names. – Confucius For purchasers, health care is the Wild West. Vendors of all types – disease managers, wellness companies, care navigation firms, ambulatory surgery centers, benefits advisors, worksite clinic firms, and on […]